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Ah, the memories.

Recently I received in the mail some DVDs containing dance concerts that I was in while in college (thanks to my wonderful dance instructor).  I popped in the first one to watch with my daughter who had expressed interest in dance and was the reason that I requested the DVDs.  The video was raw footage since it was taken as archival footage.  So, anyhow, we watched the first piece and when it was done we sat and watched a blank screen for a couple of minutes before the next piece came on.  When she asked why it was taking so long, it brought back the memories of how we had to do things back then. 
Since I went to a smaller state college, the funding for technical theater was quite limited (though considerably more than my high school's budget of $0) and so we had to get creative in making each piece more individualized.  Some of the dances had more than basic costumes, and a couple even had props or set pieces, but the lighting was always a challenge.  Though we had a finite amou…

Theatre Safety

Here's a useful blog highlighting many safety concerns in the theater. I recommend adding this blog to your regular feed. Theatre Safety