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Take responsibility for your actions

Hey, we all mess around, right?  I mean, come on, admit it.  You can't?  That just makes it worse. 

So, when we were kids (oh look, I turned into my dad), we were told to tell the truth. We would be advised that if we told the truth that we wouldn't get into as much trouble as if we didn't fess up and were caught.  Heck, our legal system ended up being built on this principle.  Unfortunately, we learn that as long as we don't get caught, then it's alright.  OK, I'm not going to really argue with that.  I mean, I've done it.  I know that when I get caught, my gut reaction is to lie.  Heck, who wants to get busted?  Do we really believe what our parents said?  Since there's the possibility that you won't get in trouble when something goes wrong, why confess, right?  How are you to know if the punishment might really be more lenient.  It's not like you can see the future and know both possible outcomes. 

There's the moral dilemma we all face …