Career decisions

Check this out, two posts in one day.

Anyhow, I like the idea of improving myself in my career.  By this I mean, I don't climb the corporate ladder just to be above everyone else or purely for more money, but I like to challenge myself and not stagnate.  Even if there is not an opportunity at the moment, I try to go to trade shows to learn from industry representatives and read trade magazines to see what other people are using and give me an idea of whom I should speak with when I get to the shows. 

So a little while back, I was given the opportunity to maybe make a career advancement.  In some ways it is scary.  I have a family with young children and so if I make a change that takes me to a new city, it's a big change, no matter the job.  A little over three years ago, I made that choice, uprooted my family from our home of many years, and moved to a city that I'd never really considered living in.  The job is amazing.  I make almost twice what I did before.  I have met many wonderful people (while leaving behind quite a few good friends).  So would I do it again?

I guess it depends on a lot of things.  All things considered, the usual criteria must be met: good insurance, good pay, stability, etc.  Then there are those unexpected variables.  I understand that if you join the military, you probably will have to be away from your family certain times, especially the last several years (thank you politicians).  Obviously, if you sign up to be in the military, that's always a possibility. 

When I was a younger stagehand, I dreamed about getting on a tour.  I even considered it after I was married and had a family.  As already stated, certain criteria needed to be met, my family going with me was one of them.  We home school, so education was already taken care of in that instance.  Then, while working in a road house on the large productions like Phantom of the Opera or Lion King, I saw how they allowed families to tour.  I figured that this was once again an option.

So, what happens when a golden opportunity comes your way, but it happens to leave out a critical component of your plan?  Do you take it?  Do you turn it down, hoping that it won't tarnish your reputation, decreasing your future opportunities?  I can't answer that for anyone at this point, not even myself.  After all, who knows what tomorrow brings.  Maybe a different offer, maybe more of the same.  Oh magic 8 ball, give me an answer. . .